Thank Christ: Cliffy B still likes Gears of War

Put down that razor, don’t swallow that poison and for the love of God pull that hosepipe full of carbon monoxide out from your car window! Cliffy “Don’t call me Cliffy B” B has revealed to the world that he is not yet burned out on Gears of War, despite wanting to explore fresh IP. The world sighs a collective breath of relief.

There have only been two Gears games,” sensationally reveals Cliffy while talking to OXM. “There are still plenty of opportunities for things you can do in a cover-based shooter and there are still a lot of stories to tell in the Gears universe.

“I’m not burned out with the franchise at all. But there are tradeoffs. With an established IP, you’re not saying, ‘are we going to do cover?’ and ‘who is this Cole Train guy?’ It’s all there – the writer writes and it’s a known entity. But with a new IP, it’s raw and wide open. It’s like solving a giant puzzle in your head, and it’s great.

Cliffy also says that he doesn’t ever want to work on a licensed game, stating that he would “go out and put a shotgun in his mouth” if he was forced to. I won’t attempt to pre-empt any jokes you want to make about giving Cliffy a sawn-off and the source code for Iron Man 2.

Jim Sterling