Thailand planning cyber cafe curfew for kids

Thailand’s ridiculous crackdown on videogames continues apace, with the country’s authorities devising yet more ways in which they can ruin everybody’s fun. Concerned now about “addiction” instead of violence, Culture Ministry officials are toying with the idea of a curfew on youngsters in online game stores.

If the new guidelines go ahead, children under the age of fifteen would only be allowed in such venues until 8pm. Those teenagers up to the age of eighteen would be allowed to stay until 10pm. Any store that violates this curfew would have its license suspended or revoked, basically turning online games into the new alcohol. 

Yet again, Thailand hides behind videogames as a way to exert more control over its people, something which it has steadily been doing for over a year now. Incredibly worrying stuff, especially as officials seem to be able to do what they want with impugnity. No amount of social control will stop people being stupid … but I think the people in charge know that.

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