TGS is going online this year, here is the plan

TGS 2019’s 262,076 attendees crushes E3’s recent 66,100 figure

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In case you forgot; TGS is much, much bigger than E3. How big? Well try 262,076 attendees in 2019 versus E3’s 66,100 figure from the same year. This is with E3’s public entrance policy.

It’s so big, in fact, that it won’t be going on hiatus entirely, despite the lack of a physical show. As a past TGS attendee Destructoid has obtained information directly from the show’s organizers, which now involves an elaborate combination of streams and behind-the-scenes events, taking place from September 23 to September 27.

Right now, TGS organizers are gathering up publishers for the show, with Nintendo and Sony are already onboard with a specific focus in indie games. A “live streaming of an esports tournament” is vaguely mentioned, as well as “online round-table discussions” hosted by TGS.

So how does this impact you? Well there’s going to be behind-the-scenes events that press will share at a later time, as well as the open invitation to have games at the event host their own streams. So mark off your calendar folks: the summer of gaming has expanded into the fall!

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