TGS: IRL images of the blue GT5 PS3

Tucked away in the super busy PlayStation booth here at Tokyo Game Show is one of the new Blue PS3 models that will come in the Gran Turismo 5 racing pack. In fact, they had the whole box contents splayed out here on the floor, so we shot some pictures to share with you.

I think the blue PS3 looks really nice. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a racing game whore, but I could see this kit being how I nab my second PS3 that I’ve been wanting (and not needing). The finish is shiny, but not glossy. It’s just really attractive, and I don’t know if the pictures do it justice.

This bundle comes out in Japan on launch day, November 3rd, for what would come out to about $400 after yen-to-dollar conversions. As you’ll see in our gallery, it comes with a blue controller and — of course — Gran Turismo 5.

Dale North