TGS 2007: Wipeout HD gameplay videos direct from the Show floor

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The nigh-mystical powers of The Golden Donut have just pointed us towards the existence of some shaky-cam videos of the PS3’s new incarnation of F-Zero’s most famous offspring that emanated from the Tokyo Game Show today.

I had a chance to get a quick ten minute blast of the game at the Leipzig Games Convention last month, and while from what I’ve seen so far the game’s title sums up everything you need to know about it, it did play a damn good game. The tracks on show – the same ones in these TGS videos – were a tad on the basic side, which is understandable at this early stage, but the gameplay itself was as slick and smooth as a creosote-dipped swan in ice-skates. 

It’s nice though to now see someone else crashing around more than I did when I first started playing. Something I found slightly surprising when I started racing was that analogue control got a bit slippy when cornering, but a switch to the d-pad later and I was well on top of things so at the moment I have no worries at all about the game. Embrace the jump with your very soul for the second video. 

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