TGS 2007: the Ministry of Mystic Machines

EDIT:  You all seem very puzzled!  As much as I enjoy your hurt and confusion, allow me to ‘splain.  This video is, as far as I am able to speculate, a demo reel for a fighting game that is based on an art book/exhibit by Keisuke Kishi.  The design of these creatures is absolutely incredible, and that’s really the point of me posting this at all.  
Here’s the video that had some of you baying for blood in the comments to my earlier post on the same project.  I apologize for the blue glare, the handheld wandering of the POV, and the twelve year old boy and his perverted uncle who were standing right there, making profoundly stupid commentary the entire goddamned time.  Yes, idiot, you DO have to turn off the flash when photographing tiny miniatures in glass display cases.
One thing we’re a little confused about is the multiple (awesome) titles this thing seems to have.  The art book, published in 1999, is called The Diverting History of Mechanical Fellows, and seems to be a stand-alone project.  The men at the booth could speak no more English than I spoke Japanese, so our attempt at an interview quickly degraded to furious screaming.  I have since prepared a printed list of phrases that will communicate to him in no uncertain terms, exactly what I did to his mother when I left the convention hall.
Eliza Gauger