TGS 2007: Tecmo booth tour

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Everything Tecmo is doing here at the Tokyo Game Show is brimming with cool and badassness, and their booth this year is a perfect reflection of their rock star attitude. They brought the fun with dancing girls, loud music, neat prizes, and great demos. 

I happened upon the booth while Team Ninja’s Itagaki was there, and I think I must have came by at the perfect time. I encountered Itagaki just as he was blowing off some nerdy-looking talky fan boys. He was dressed in his leopard print jacket and sunglasses, with the stage’s spotlights shining from behind. His booth babes were dancing and loud music was playing, and the whole thing rolled together to make Itagaki seem larger than life. He really is a rock star.

Their booth was basically a large stage surrounded by game kiosks. The video above is an example of the show that attendees were treated to during Tecmo booth visits. Even the booth babes off stage clapped along and drew in more visitors. It was like a party that everyone wanted to be invited to.

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The company didn’t have a lot of titles to show off, but the ones that were on hand were solid, much like you’d expect from Tecmo. Swing Golf Panya 2nd Shot! was playable on the show floor, and guys lined up to get private instruction from one of many vinyl miniskirted booth babes. 

The real highlight was the playable demo of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, the first Nintendo DS title in the series. The game plays great (more on that later), and Tecmo’s lovely ladies were there for assistance, handing off Tecmo swag to those who played.

Tecmo’s small booth made a big noise and brought in the boys. Check out the gallery below.

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