TGS 2007: Sony keynote on the quick

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Here’s Kaz Hirai’s Sony Keynote speech, filtered down to only the bullet points:

Good vibrations:
You may have heard about the new DualShock 3 controller, which basically adds rumble to the PS3 SIXAXIS controller. Kaz says that they originally didn’t mess with rumble because they felt it would be too difficult to add that functionality, but they’ve since been able to overcome those problems. They didn’t change the design of the controller because they feel that it has worked great so far for the 300 million DualShock users out there. Look for rumblings to begin in November.

Even though this new feature was just recently announced to Sony’s partners, several games on the TGS show floor are already sporting rumble, such as Devil May Cry 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ratchet and Clank: Future, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, echocrome, Toy Home, and more. What’s more is that many more titles will be easily updated with a simple PlayStation Network download, and the list of titles to recieve the upgrade is already so long already that we have no doubt that most titles will get some rumble action in the near future.

Hit the jump for the skinny on GT5:Prologue, the PlayStation Store, teraflops, and more.

Some Gran news:
Kaz also told us to expect the online multiplayer teasefest Gran Turismo 5: Prologue in both disc and downloadable form on the 13th of December.

More in store for the PlayStation Store:
Starting today, the PlayStation Store is now available on a personal computer, and with a quick USB connection, purchases like wallpapers and games can be moved directly to a PSP.

Sony’s Evolution:
As you may have already heard, Sony talked about their recent acquisition of Evolution Studios (Motorstorm) and bigBig (Pursuit Force) to make their first-party powers even stronger. 

Folding findings:
It seems that Sony has been making a major contribution Stanford University’s distributed computing project Folding@Home, with PS3 users pumping more processing power into the project than even PC users. 

That’s it! The rest was Boringfest 2007. 

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