TGS 2007: Sony delays Home yet again, blames “damn lazy union contractors”

Sony’s Home has been delayed yet again, this time until Spring of 2008. Home has been billed as bringing the finest parts of an MMO, the XBL achievement system, a media browser and three different kinds of delicious fruit to the PlayStation 3, but since its original reveal at GDC 2007 the hype surrounding the product has been gradually waning — currently its anticipation level is somewhere between “your first period” and “your dog’s first period”.

While Sony’s keynote did have a few high notes, the delay of Home seems to be yet another nail in the sole of the Japanese firm’s bare foot as it slowly walks across the construction site that for the purposes of this metaphor represents the gaming industry. While Microsoft seems to be wearing comfortable work boots, and Nintendo is high on PCP, Sony is a few hours away from developing Tetanus and falling through a poorly constructed layer of drywall.

Earnest Cavalli
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