TGS 2007: Sega booth tour

Much like the Konami booth we showed you earlier, Sega’s booth at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was massive, and it was divided into several different sections for its various game titles. Each section was designed and themed to match its game, and some said that it reminded them of a theme park. The looks ranged from a sort of haunted house to a starry night time dream world.  While we were not allowed to photograph most of the places inside of the booth, we were able to snap shots of the exterior to give you some idea of what it looked like.

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One of the best looking sections of the booth was the one for the upcoming Gallian Chronicles (hands on coming soon), which had a tank busting through a wall over gamers’ heads.

The Nights section was the most busy, with hour long waits. Not only did this look like a theme park, but the wait was like one as well.

These gusy battled it out on the Live Arena version of Virtua Fighter 5, and they did so on Xbox 360 fighting sticks.

If you thought the first Seaman was weird, then you should definitely see this one.

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Dale North