TGS 2007: Scrapbook Part 1 – The show floor

As we wrap up our 2007 Tokyo Game Show coverage, we thought it would be fun to share our photo “scrapbook” from the event. It has been divided into parts (more coming soon) for ease of browsing.

In the almost 100 stories we’ve brought you from the Tokyo Game Show, we’ve shared a mountain of pictures. You always hear people joking about the stereotypical Japanese tourist, but I wonder if they think they same about us. They almost have to after this. For every photo that was taken for a specific purpose, there was another was just taken for memories’ sake, and so here’s the ones we took from the Tokyo Game Show floor.

Hit the jump to find out just what the hell is on Nick’s head. 

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and after! 

Do you see those sets of glasses in the picture? There’s a sort of visual indicator on each set of glasses, and when worn in front of the camera (mounted above the screen), an animated image is displayed on top of the wearer, perfectly centered by the glasses. There were more “triggers” for full body clothing, hats, and even food. It was like playing dress-up dolls.

This Chocobo was a huge hit — so huge that the poor costume wearer didn’t get any downtime. He/she was really nice about posing hour after hour, but thankfully the Square Enix staff was looking out for the poor bird. 

Chocobo was ushered off by Squeenix staff, and all photo ops were shut down. Unison “awwws” were heard. 

Nick anxiously waited in line to play Metal Gear Solid 4, only to find that he had no way to read the directions. Ha! Sucks to be him!

This is as close as I could get to the Square Enix booth with a camera. Sorry about that.

Well, I did manage to get this shot of the outside of the “Closed Mega Theater.”

Sony had a shit-ton of games!


I went into the Capcom Store chanting “DO WANT, DO WANT” and came marching right back out chanting “TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH.”

You may have to take my word on this, but this makes game music fans horny.

The Xbox 360 booth was for cereal. And crowded.

Love pillow, anyone?

 The hardest working man in video game media. Probably

Many more pictures await below in the gallery. Scrapbook Part 2 coming soon.

Dale North