TGS 2007: Rainy Woods: David Lynch just called his lawyers

Rainy Woods

is described on the GameVideos website as “Silent Hill meets Twin Peaks” and aside from their desperately needing to ground the analogy with a video game reference lest it be lost on an audience completely oblivious to any other entertainment medium, I agree — we don’t even get fifteen seconds into the trailer before our eyes are assaulted by eerily symmetrical midgets in blood-red mood lighting. Aside from scribbling David Lynch’s name on their Trapper Keepers then encircling it in crude pencil hearts with ironically traditional arrows through them, developer Marvelous Interactive couldn’t possibly be more in love with the creepy auteur. Whether that translates into a quality video game, a confusing, yet revered video game, or a horrible video game is anyone’s guess, but I’m really pulling for a Chris Isaak cameo.

Earnest Cavalli
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