TGS 2007: PS3 gets Katamari game … just not a beautiful one

After all the back-and-forth, swings and roundabouts nonsense surrounding Beautiful Katamari and the PlayStation 3, it seems that all the confusion is finally coming to an end with a surprise TWIST OH MY GOD! It’s finally, truly been confirmed — The PlayStation 3 will NOT get Beautiful Katamari. It will, however, get a Katamari game in the future. This should finally make everybody happy.

Beautiful Katamari director Jun Morikawa cleared the air at the Tokyo Game Show, putting an end to months of arguments and on again/off again speculation. He did not, however, go into any details on what the PlayStation 3 game would entail. All we know is that a Katamari game of some description will be touched by the magic of Blu-ray eventually.

We now prepare for the next stage of console fanboy arguments surrounding the Katamari series — which game is better? I can’t wait for that one to start.  

James Stephanie Sterling