TGS 2007: New Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles trailer and details

The newest trailer for RE:UC shows Chris and Jill preparing to jump into a new adventure. Hopefully, this turns out to me more than just a cinematic and is a new level. The trailer then goes on to show scenes and characters from Resident Evil 0, 1 and 3. Oddly enough, no mention of anything from Resident Evil 2 yet again. The trailer also goes on to show a Tyrant, Nemesis and good old Albert Wesker. All in all, this got me interested in the game again. 

GameIndustry also got word on the price and release for RE:UC. It will be out November 13th and will retail for $49.95. Sounds a tad bit too high for a rehash/on rails game to me.

Hamza Aziz