TGS 2007: ‘Level 5 is the new Square Enix’ confirmed?

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Damn, these are some long lines! You’d think that Level 5 had something mindblowing going on in their booth judging by the incredible lines they amassed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Remember when we said something about Level 5 possibly becoming the next Square Enix? Well, I think they still have a bit of a way to go. I did spend some quality time with White Knight Story (Shirokishi Monogatari) (more details on that later) and other Level 5 titles, but this line had less to do with the quality of their titles and much more to do with their promotions.

First off, the Level 5 booth is amazing. It is totally round and sealed off, topped off with a humongous horizontal rotating sign which promotes Professor Layton and the Devil’s Box and Inazuma Eleven. The whole booth is surrounded by translucent cloth, which adds a bit of mystery to the whole thing. Lines of people wrap around the outside, waiting for their turn for entry into the core of the booth. 

When I came across the backside of the booth, things made a lot more sense. Departing booth attendees were greeted by attractive, scantily-clad booth babes. These ladies doled out special TGS DS cartridges of Level 5 games, as well as character charms and other goodies. They may not be up to Square Enix levels yet, but they sure have them beat when it comes to appealing to trade show attendees.

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