TGS 2007: If you own a Wii you will want to buy this game

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A couple of weeks back there was an announcement (along with some early screens) that Vanillaware, the makers of the confusing to play, but easy to look at 2D RPG Odin Sphere, was releasing a very similar looking follow-up game exclusively for the Wii. The game is tentatively titled Oboro Muramasa Youtouden and looks to be more action-oriented than its accomplished older sister, but just as gorgeous (if not more so).

Well, now the game has finally been seen in action and, if the above TGS trailer is any indication, appears to raise the graphical bar for anything appearing on the Wii yet.

If you are even remotely a fan of classic 2D action games (especially ones starring ninjas), this looks to be a must-have title. Heck, I will even go so far as saying this game has the early potential to sell systems to some of the more “serious” gamers out there that may have so far passed on purchasing a Wii.

I am pretty much in awe. No more words are necessary. Back to watching the unbelievably beautiful trailer yet again …

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