TGS 2007: Even played poorly, MGS4 looks better than Jesus in a rocket ship

I want everyone to note two things about the above video of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 4:

First, around the 00:39 mark the camera is splattered with what looks like Snake’s dust-caked blood. While games have had such gimmicks in the past, never before has it looked so seamlessly integrated with the environment. +1 Gold Star

Second, although whoever is playing this sucks harder than whichever one of your female relatives you’re most closely emotionally linked to, everything about this video makes me want to capture a friendly djinn so that I could harness his magical powers to ensure that three days from now myself and two other select people have finished copies of the game, delicious sandwiches, and enough free time to play the entirety of Kojma’s latest magnum opus from start to finish five or six times over. +1 Gold Star 

That, my friends, is two additional gold stars that Konami was lacking before I saw this video. Considering it was roughly a minute long, that’s an average Gold Star Acquisition Rate (GSAR) of one every thirty seconds. Based on the average length of previous Metal Gear Solid titles, number four is going to crush our homes and choke our waterways in an unearthly hellstorm of gold stars. You simply cannot argue with the math.

Earnest Cavalli
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