TGS 2007: Dragon Quest IV trailer wants to quest your dragons

Like the final drips of a freshly decommissioned faucet, the final splashes of Tokyo Game Show info are filtering in. Here’s Dragon Quest IV, an updated NES classic from the kings of the remake, Square-Enix. With years of old retro games already written out, Square-Enix has got it made for the next decade with the ability to just update the graphics and watch the profits roll in. As long as it’s making money, who’s to argue?

Fortunately, when Square-Enix does a graphical overhaul, it really does a graphical overhaul, and those sure as wank aren’t NES graphics. The visuals are most impressive when they show some of the backgrounds in both screens of the DS. Watching that castle as the game’s camera turns may be a simple thing, but it’s in simplicity where beauty often lies.

An army of RPG fans already know they’re buying this, so you don’t need me to convince you one way or another. Just sit back and be confident with your decision, my friends. You made the right choice.

[Thanks, Donut] 

James Stephanie Sterling