TGS 2007: Devil May Cry 4 showfloor trailer

This latest trailer from the Tokyo Game Show continues the excitement for Devil May Cry 4. Unlike the last trailer, a lot more gameplay is shown this time around, including a rather beautiful looking boss fight. A DMC game is nothing without some ridiculous bosses to tackle, and judging from the looks of this serpentine arsecandle, the tradition is kept alive.

Overall, the game is looking very good indeed. One thing I’ve always loved about the series is its inventive enemies and the design of some of these monsters is absolutely terrific. My only worry at the moment is the idea of this sequel attempting what looks like a far more serious, emotional story. Considering the hamfisted dialog in the last games (the good kind, of course), I wonder exactly how that’s going to work.

Still, that dude with a monocle is looking badass, and I do appreciate a good monocle.

James Stephanie Sterling