TGS 2007: Chocobo’s Dungeon trailer (I died of delight, by the way)

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I know you’re thinking to yourself: Didn’t she just talk about Chocobos? Why yes, I did. Now, I’m going to do it again, since the trailer for Chocobo’s Dungeon is now available for me to watch repeatedly and coo over. We get to see several of Choco’s new companions in action, what appears to be a Chocomobile (feathered bumper!), and some in-game footage in the dungeons. I swear if this hits the states it will be the most time I have ever spent holding a Wii controller.


Of Square’s countless current offerings, Chocobo titles are always some of the most consistently fun (as long as you enjoy dungeon crawling.) It’s good to know I can rely on a few solid games before they get swallowed by the Square-Enix game release tidal wave. I hope some version of this makes it to the DS too, as the series theme seems to fit there all too well.

[Thanks Donut!] 

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