TGS 2007: Capcom booth tour

The Japanese really like Capcom, with their Resident Evils and their Devil May Crys and their Rockmans. It’s hard to blame them — who’s not excited about the company’s upcoming high profile titles? Resident Evil 5! Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix! Maybe even some Dead Rising 2 action, man!

As it turns out, not so much with the three titles we’d really hope to finally see revealed or get our hands on. Still, Capcom had one of the more popular booths at the show, despite having nothing significantly “new” to show off. 

But fancy booths, free phone charms, and girls in short skirts go a long way with the Japanese. Hit the jump for a short visual tour of Capcom’s area at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Without a doubt, one of the more popular games at this year’s show was Devil May Cry 4, which was playable for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (along with the new Dual Shock 3 support). Lines to play the game were at Capcom’s booth were long, even more so than the playable version at Microsoft’s booth, which was only a few feet away. I had originally thought it might have been because the Capcom booth had a slew of units running the game on the PlayStation 3, but then the truth was revealed — they were giving away Devil May Cry phone charms to anyone who successfully stood in a 90 minute line to play the demo. Smart.Look what we have here — a giant bear/mouse/monkey green … totem … thing? In honor of being smart enough to not rename Treasure Island Z for the Japanese audience, Capcom erected quite a shrine to the upcoming Wii title. Interest was relatively high, despite the lack of phone charms.
The Camelot-developed, Capcom-published Wii title, We Love Golf was also playable. The booth had over a dozen demo units, complete with complete with greens and Japanese-speaking golf instructors. Those who waited on the games short line were awarded with what I can only describe as a We Love Golf wash cloth. That’s certainly no phone charm, so that might explain the short lines.
Poor Rockstar — the PlayStation Portable title, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (published by Capcom in Japan) was getting no love at this year’s show. Not even a neon sign that clearly told the public they were open was any help. The sad Capcom schill who had to holler at people using a megaphone to get anyone to look twice at the booth, was also of no use. Phone charms, people. Phone charms.Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes (the sequel in a series known as Devil Kings in the United States) was the reason behind this monstrosity. Not the girl, obviously, the suit of armor. What’s wrong with you guys?Biohazard: Umbrella Chronicles, the Wii shooter, also drew crowds. The haunted house theme, complete with a chandelier, did it for me; but the lines to play it? Not so much.

Now a cell phone chandelier charm? Maybe they should consider it for TGS ’08.

Nick Chester