TGS 2007: Arc System Works booth tour

Although we have more in-depth booth tours coming down the line, we can’t promise much for this Arc System Works tour. They have kind of a one track mind.

Arc System Works focus was obviously on their flagship 2D fighter Guilty Gear. Yes, this was basically a wall of Guilty Gear, focusing mostly on Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Look at the posters — they’re only advertising one thing! Fans made their way to the Arc System Works booth to stay and play, some not moving on to much of anything else. You know how those Guilty Gear fans are.

The second floor of the booth (pictured above) was used for developer interviews from time to time, drawing huge crowds in with their loudspeakers. 

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The booth babes were the other main draw to the Arc System Works booth. Check out this picture of one particular booth babe shooting me an over-the-shoulder dirty look. I think we both liked it.

Even though most of these pictures were taken on “business only” days, the Overture kiosks were always manned, usually with lines several people deep. With today being the first public day, lines will grow to many times that, so I’m sure that these fans wanted to get some game time in while the still could.

There are two other kiosks there, but I don’t think that attendees even care. I’m sure that Arc System Works understands that as well. 

Dale North