TGS 09: Things that totally happened at TGS 09

Now with pictures!

This year’s Tokyo Game Show was So Energetic! Strange and notable things always happen when we travel to cover events. As always, here’s our round-up for this particular event. Coming from Japan, Land of the Strange, it should come as no surprise that our list is long this time around.

  • Nick pointed to a Japanese nerd, called him out, was almost confronted
  • Rey gave the 35 million people of the Tokyo metroplex some sickness
  • White people looked awkward
  • We embarrassed ourselves every day, bowed in apology
  • There were plenty of no-shows
  • J-porn and softcore mags were enjoyed
  • Dead Rising 2 finally became a thing, Nick and I played it
  • I missed a party thrown by Nobuo Uematsu to work (I’m a f*cking loser)
  • We came in contact with thousands of bodies
  • More got to witness the amazing Room of the Living Dolls
  • Rey did this
  • Japan continued to make fun of Obama
  • Sleep did not happen
  • I  played Final Fantasy XIII 4 times
  • We worked by sharing 2 internet connections between 4 people
  • There’s seriously a Cloud fragrance
  • We missed the dinosaur exhibit
  • The Black Wii sold out in some places in Akihabara
  • Colette purchased the rest of Akihabara
  • “I have a dinner to go to” is the new excuse for everything. Use it.

If that sounds strange, you should see what we saw. You can, in our gallery below. I’d show you more, but I’ve got a dinner to go to.

Bonus thing:

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