TGS 09: Q-Games says new games every 6-8 months

I had a couple of great experiences at the Q-Games booth at Tokyo Game Show this year, which you may have already heard a little bit about if you’ve been reading our TGS coverage. Even more interesting (and exciting!) was the chat I had while waiting to play PixelJunk Shooter with Duncan Flett, PR Consultant for Q-Games.

While chatting about my obsession with Monsters, I commented on how much I appreciated that Q-Games has continued to put out new titles. Mr. Flett said that they aim to put out a new game every 6-8 months, which is great news for fans of their titles. Talk about working fast!

I guess my ranting was worthwhile, because I also was given the super limited bonus Monsters phone strap that only comes with the Asia version of Monsters Deluxe (see a pic of it in the gallery). I think it’s my favorite piece of swag from the entire show!

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