TGS 09: Pooping game: EA brings Sudoku to the DSi, PSPgo

Sudoku is everyone’s jam…on the toilet. And if you follow the correct handling protocols, it can be your digital jam on both the PSPgo and DSi, thanks to EA. Protocol, you ask? Pull pants down, play, set aside. clean up, and then resume.

Sudoku is that Japanese grid-based number game that everyone mispronounces. Sah-DOO-kew. So-DOH-Koh. Kokomo.

The downloadable puzzle game, simply titled Sudoku, is coming to both platforms in October. Both will feature over 100 puzzles, as well as the ability to add more puzzles from publications via  a Newspaper mode. They also play with the grid design to mix things up a bit. The PSP has a music feature that lets you access MP3 files from your memory to listen to as you play.

Math. LOL.

Screenshots from both the PSP and DSi versions are shown in our gallery below.

Dale North