TGS 09: Okamiden debut trailer is full of cute

Okay, Okamiden, stop being so cute! No, I take that back! Hurt me with your cuteness.

Yeah, so Okamiden is ridiculously cute. Chibiterasu, the main wolf pup hero works together with a human kid in the trailer as they take on bad guys and use the touch screen to perform Chibiterasu’s special moves.

Even on the DS, Okamiden looks very pretty. I’m a little worried that the touch screen is going to be used too much though. Mario & Luigi 3 has a great balance as far as the face buttons and touch screen controls go and I hope Okamiden is similar.

Colette is bringing us a preview of Okamiden later this morning so we’ll find out soon enough how the game is. 

Hamza Aziz