TGS 09: I think we’re going to get swine flu

Last year this time, we were making fun of the H1N1 swine flu. No one’s laughing this year.

We’ve only been here a day, and already we’ve seen the “swine fear” in their eyes. Upon entry to the airport, they had their sick radar on. At check-in at our hotel, all the stations were manned with bottles of hand sanitizer, which all hotel staff have been using frequently. At each, a note in several languages warns of contact and potential sickness.

In our room, we found the above note. Apparently, if we get the Swine Flu, we can’t leave the room. So we might be stuck in Tokyo. The end of the note reads “This card is to protect the health of you and the people around you.” Right.

So this is our obligatory “we’re here” post. Starting off on a great note, eh? 

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