TGS 09: Europe getting new PlayStation 3 bundles

While the standard PlayStation 3 Slim’s 120 GB hard drive seems like a reasonable enough amount of space, at least from the perspective of someone who is sort of used to deleting stuff on his Xbox 360’s aged 20 GB HDD, I can definitely see why a person would want more room for games, movies, or whatever.

Likewise, Sony understands this too, and wants to give gamers the option of having more hard drive space without having to unscrew their PS3s. On October 1, the UK is getting a PS3 Slim bundled in with a 250 GB drive (£284.99), and buyers will be able to pick between getting two Platinum Hits or inFamous.

Additionally, on the 16th, an Uncharted 2 bundle will be released, and then on October 19 Europe will have the option to buy a PS3 bundle that contains X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Dark Knight, and a Blu-ray remote.

Quite the selection to choose from. Anyone interested in one of these bundles?

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