TGS 09: Dante’s Inferno ‘Lust’ screens have demon boobies

Dante’s Inferno themes its game around the seven deadly sins, and everybody knows you can’t have sin without lust. The “lust” level has finally been revealed, showing off more demonic milksquirters than one cares to see on a Wednesday morning. I’m all for more breasts in my videogames, but when they’re grey, bruised and attached to things that want me dead, I’ll take a pass.

In addition, some new screens have also been shown for the PSP version of the game. They look exactly how you’d imagine. 

With Dante’s Inferno, I’m expecting a really stupid, not-very-brilliant hack n’ slash filled with gore and breasts and senseless gratification. Anybody expecting more than that will likely be disappointed, but I have a feeling that the rest of us will be fine. Just don’t expect this to be as epic as God of War and you should be happy.

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