TGS 09: Capcom brings along life-size Okamiden statues

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[As originally posted on Tomopop]

Well, this was almost embarassing. Hamza pointed out to me the latest post on Kramez’s blog over at Capcom-Unity, featuring these lovely Okamiden statues. Which, as it turns out, are life-size statues and not shelf-ready collectible figures.

We got a little too excited for a moment there. Nonetheless, these are still just as awesome, and you can tell just looking at Chibiterasu and Kuninushi how cool they’d be if they were actually small enough to take home without aid of a flatbed truck. Will we be seeing smaller, collectible versions of these guys anytime soon? Time will tell, but I think it’s safe to say regardless that these are pretty rad in their own right. 

TGS team, you’d better get some pictures taken with these guys while you’re there!

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