TGS 09: Capcom announces Ghost Trick for DS

In addition to Sengoku BASARA, which Hamza told you about earlier today, Capcom announced another new game at TGS, which is tentatively being called Ghost Trick. It’s a new DS title, in which you play as a Detective named Sissel.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. DS, detective game, been there. The difference here? Sissel’s a ghost. The recently deceased, amnesiac investigator will use his spooky ghost powers to safeguard the living, and in the meantime, hopefully uncover the secrets of his own death so he can find peace.

Among those ghostly powers is the ability to possess the objects around him, such as inhabiting nearby electrical fixtures to shock bad guys, or making stuff float around the room like in Poltergeist. He can also rewind time by a few seconds in an effort to prevent deaths before they happen. The name Ghost Trick is currently just a working title for the US and European releases, but it sounds pretty suitable to me. Furthermore, the game itself sounds pretty interesting as well, don’t you think?

Topher Cantler