TGS 09: Bayonetta trailer is friggin’ ludicrous

I know you haven’t had enough Bayonetta news today, even with the hot, hot discovery of a Bayonetta action figure in the works (I will make sweet love to that figure). Treat yourself to this sexy, thrilling, and altogether insane new trailer from the floor of the Tokyo Game Show. It’s completely mental and well worth checking out.

This latest trailer slots together some of the game’s story, and as you’d expect, none of it makes sense. Something about Bayonetta’s evil, British, monocle-wearing father (hmmm) and little ugly men who sound exactly like Joe Pesci. Yep, sounds like a Platinum Games title to me!

Oh, and there are MOTORBIKES! VROOM VROOM!

Hit the link for the trailer. It’s really quite awesome.

Jim Sterling