TGS 08: Video walkthrough of halls 4 through 6

While we’re still putting together our hands-on and preview coverage, we thought we might show you a bit of what they 2008 Tokyo Game Show looks like.

Here we’re showing you a quick walkthrough of halls 4 through 6 of the Makuhari Messe convention center. This video is intended to give you a first-person feel of what it’s like to roam the halls on this press-only day. If it’s shiny and loud, we’ll check it out. If it’s in a plastic-y miniskirt, we’ll check it out. Or at least I will.

Although these three halls appear massive, know that they are only a fraction of the Toko Game Show, which takes up a total of eight halls and countless meeting rooms. These three halls we’re showing you today contain several of the big players in the industry, including Sony, Konami, Level-5, Sega, Tecmo, and Namco Bandai, each showing off their new wares. Our very own Jim Sterling is busy working his way through them now, probably harassing booth babes and getting them to touch his monocle.

Keep checking back all this week for more footage from TGS 2008. 

Dale North