TGS 08: Square Enix to unveil a game controlled by your brain … seriously

In Robocop, the tragedy inflicted upon Alex Murphy was reversed with crazy technology developed by a corporation with their fingers on the pulse of innovation. NeuroSky (probably smaller than OCP and not looking to buy an entire city, but still in the “now”) is the proud developer of a device called the Mindset. Essentially, the machine can read and react to the user’s brainwaves when attached. What is the natural application of such a device? A Square Enix developed game, of course.

Gamasutra is reporting that Square Enix is set to announce a game that will utilize NeuroSky’s creepy technology. It will come in the form of a demo, designed to show what developers can do with a short amount of time with the headphone-shaped mind-controlling brainwave detection device.

The headset will recognize relaxation and concentration and replicate that information into a game. Basically, Mindset will make the user Robocop – minus that whole armor and cybernetics thing. Actually, it won’t make users like Robocop. I just happen to like his movie too much.

Brad BradNicholson