TGS 08: Future Sony Japan PSP titles to be digital, new Store coming next week

A few months ago, we told you about how Sony was tinkering around with the idea of making downloading on the PlayStation Portable even easier by eliminating the need to use a PC or PlayStation 3 to access the PS Store.

While this native PlayStation Store has been confirmed to go live for Japanese PSPs on October 15, no such date has been given for those of us living in North America and Europe. Sad pandas, I know.

Also discussed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was the announcement that all future first-party Sony Japan PSP titles will be available through digital distribution, as well as release on UMD.

As with the Store news, this is also starting on Oct. 15 and only applies to Japan. The first titles to undergo this treatment are Secret Agent Clank, Patapon 2, and LocoRoco 2.

It’s a shame to hear about these two great new services that we probably won’t be getting until much later on, but there’s always hope, right?

Jordan Devore
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