Tetris Splash on XBLA this Wednesday

Everyone’s favorite puzzle game is coming to Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday, in the form of Tetris Splash. While there’s a good chance that you already own some version of the puzzler already, this new one will cost you 800 Microsoft Points and will include a few different modes and “beautiful aquatic backscapes.”

Tetris Splash will offer offline multiplayer for 1-4 players as well as online multiplayer for 2-6 players. For $10, that seems to be a reasonable price, especially if you’re like me and haven’t played Tetris since your original Game Boy broke. But why is there no Vision Camera support?

We already know that Nick is excited for Tetris Splash, but what about the rest of you non-Tetris fanatics.

[Via Gamerscoreblog

Jordan Devore
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