Tetris Splash coming to XBLA with creepy female announcer

It upsets me that this game was not on my radar at all, but a product page for an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Tetris Splash, has crawled out of the woodwork. Exactly what it sounds like, Tetris Splash is an aquatic-themed, XBLA version of the classic puzzler, complete with online modes and fancy high definition graphics. 

The product page reveals a bit of information about the game, including the fact that it supports one to four players offline, and up to six players over Xbox Live. The title will include three modes of play, including traditional Tetris, T-Spin, and Combo, plus some sort of “unique screensaver mode.” Loco Roco Cocorecho, anyone? The page also promises a bevy of downloadable content, like new themes and additional aquatic creature backgrounds. 

I’m just coming down from the high that I got from trampling fellow Destructoid writer Dale North, in a friendly game of Tetris DS. OK, 28 friendly games of Tetris DS that ended up in Dale cursing my name. So I’m looking forward to some online Tetris action over Xbox Live. But what’s with the creepy, whispering female announcer you can hear in the trailer? Nightmares much? 

[Thanks, Justin!]

Nick Chester