Tethered is another one for the PlayStation VR launch list

A light kingdom-building strategy game

The PlayStation VR has another launch game lined up for its October debut. It’s a strategy title called Tethered in which you watch over little creatures (“Peeps”) who harvest resources, build up their settlement, and fend off nocturnal slug beasts with clubs.

“With a simple premise at its core – gather and prepare by day, survive by night – our goal is to strike balance between comfort, simplicity, beauty and challenge,” says creative director Alan McDermott. Tethered is being built for play sessions lasting “around 30 – 40 minutes of building up your village, gathering Spirit Energy, discovering ancient artefacts and learning new skills for your Peeps.” To be clear, it is a VR exclusive.

As a fan of A Kingdom for Keflings and Pikmin, I like the basic premise. This does look like what you’d expect from a typical launch game, but I’m happy folks are still making this type of strategy experience.

VR Strategy Game Tethered Announced, Available at Launch for PlayStation VR [PlayStation Blog]

Jordan Devore
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