Tesla’s new software update includes Stardew Valley

What a strange world we live in

Cuphead isn’t the only indie darling that you can play in a Tesla. With an impending “holiday software update,” Tesla owners are getting a Stardew Valley port and a “[full self-driving] sneak preview.”

Honestly, it’s not that weird. No weirder than Cuphead‘s arrival in the Tesla Arcade, anyway. The Tesla version of the run-and-gun game only contained the first level – just a morsel of the misery.

Stardew Valley is already available portably on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, so a native Tesla version doesn’t have that same novelty, but it’s a fantastic game. Almost everyone loves Stardew.

I’ll now take your official guess as to which video game will show up next.

Elon Musk [Twitter via CNET]

Jordan Devore
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