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Teslagrad 2 drops out of nowhere alongside remaster of the first game

“Later today”

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As part of the Nintendo Indie World stream, Modus Games has announced that Rain Games’ anticipated Teslagrad 2 is out now on all platforms!

By “now,” I mean, “later today.”

And that’s not all. Alongside it is Teslagrad Remastered, an upgraded version of the 2013 indie title. It features improved visuals and ten extra challenge levels. Rain Games says they have taken a “light-touch” approach to the remaster, so don’t expect any drastic changes.

Teslagrad 2 was first announced back in 2020. Like the original, it’s a physics-based puzzle-platformer centered around electromagnetism. It’s a Metroidvania set in a Scandinavian-inspired world. “Scandivania” is the word they’ve cleverly coined to describe it. The sequel boasts an expanded world and visual storytelling without the use of text or voice.

I never played the first Teslagrad because, at that point, we had just been swamped by puzzle-platformers in the wake of games like Trine. However, it’s been some time since the heyday of XBLA, so I might be interested in trying it out now.

Despite being part of Nintendo’s Indie World stream, both Teslagrad 2 and Teslagrad Remastered will be available today on all the platforms it was announced for. That’s PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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