Tesla Roadster looks like it’s from Dark Void, win one

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While I’d prefer a jetpack, I suppose I wouldn’t turn down a free Roadster from Tesla Motorheads. Capcom has teamed with the auto manufacturer in a Dark Void promotion to give you (yes, you!) the chance to win one of the electric motorcars of the future.

While one person gets the car, five people will win a free trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January to test drive the car with the Dark Void development team. All of them — everyone from producer Morgan Gray to lead designer Jose Perez — are going to pile in the car with you while you drive it down the strip. 

Actually, I have on idea how that’s going to work out. Maybe they’ll let you drive around in the parking lot while the guys from Airtight wave to you. In any case, it looks like the only thing you need to do in order to enter is surrender some personal information, and you’re well on your way to getting a sweet set of wheels that kind of looks like an enemy from Dark Void.

[via Capcom Unity

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