Terry Cavanagh releases his next game, Tiny Heist

Stealth-based rogue-like thief game

Terry Cavanagh is the man behind VVVVVV and Super Hexagon. Even if you’ve never played those games, you’ve probably heard about their extreme difficulty. While I love VVVVVV and have since surmounted most of its challenges, I’m still perplexed by Super Hexagon and how anyone can beat the various other difficulties. Doing 60 seconds on the standard version is hard enough; why would I want it faster?

Anyway,  Cavanagh has just released his newest title, a browser-based, roguelike stealth title about stealing gems. Called Tiny Heist, the goal is simply to beat 15 levels and escape with a bunch of treasure. I can’t manage to get past level four, but since this is a browser game, I have a feeling that my productivity at work is going to plummet as I try to see the finale.

I’d make a comment about Terry Cavanagh not being able to finish his own games, but he proved himself worthy in front of a live audience. Now I feel inadequate. Anyway, why not give Tiny Heist a go?

Terry Cavanagh’s stealthy roguelike Tiny Heist released for free [PC Gamer]

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