Terrible future volleyball returns as Power Spikes II gets re-released

Dead or Alive girls not included

HAMSTER have added another ’90s Neo Geo arcade to their increasing catalogue of titles, with non-classic Power Spikes II now available for download on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

I’ve previously made mention of how, through the early ’90s, SNK were besotted with the gimmick of “Future Sports”, which essentially translated to “just add cybernetics.” 1994’s Power Spikes II, sequel to Super Volley ’91, is no exception, and sees such themes pasted onto the world of pro-volleyball.

Players can choose between regular volleyball, with eight teams from around the world competing for International glory, or enter into the new “Hyper League”, which takes place in outer space (of course) and features teams such as the Iron Fangs and Turbo Force. Also included are special spikes to enable players to literally wipe their opponents off the court. A poor-man’s Johnny 5 shows up to referee.

Power Spikes II is Not Good. It has a pointless 2D viewpoint and, outside of spiking, plays at a slow, monotonous pace. There is zero room for tactical, precise aiming when your entire team exists on one plane. For these and other reasons, it was slated hard on its original Neo Geo release. Deservedly so.

Power Spikes II is available to download now on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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