Terri Irwin’s Revenge + Hate Mail

It was only a matter of time before this came about. Play as the late/great Steve Irwins wife as she gets revenge on the all sting rays. So wrong, yet so right.

UPDATE 1: – Read some Aussie threats and hate mail below, plus our official response about so-called “tasteless games”, the First Ammendment, Ghandi, and cute fuzzy wabbits on the Discovery channel.

 I wanted to share some hatemail we just received, and post an official response:

On 9/8/06, mizkatie wrote:

Steve Irwin was a great human being and his wife is going through hell right now. And then this game?????????????????????? She would no more shoot rays than kill a croc. There are low life people on this planet and you are one. The game should be closed down. I am sorry you are such a sad person that you get your kicks out of someones misfortune. Kathy


Hamza Aziz