Tenuous Katamari reference gives writer excuse to post Norwegian deathpunk vid

Say hello to the interestingly named Turbonegro in a video sent to us by Christian, who spotted it on German MTV. He submitted the video to us because it contains what he’s called a Deathpunk Katamari. Indeed, there is a ball, indeed it rolls around picking stuff up, but is it supposed to be based on the Katamari games at all? Frankly, I don’t care in the least, I just wanted an excuse to post my new favorite song and the world’s most ridiculous (therefore, awesome) frontman. Got to love a chap who’s everso slightly portly but isn’t afraid to go shirtless and act as camp and grandiose as Hell, like he’s some sort of twisted European Gene Simmons.
Whatever deathpunk is, I am now its loyal servant, and you all are too, if you know what’s good for you. Seriously, it’s a classy video and the song’s rather kickass, I love these guys! If ever there was a reason to shed my copious weight, then being able to emulate Hank Von Hell (that’s seriously his name in English) would have to be the winner. Just look at him! You know him to be fabulous.
Jim Sterling