Teniten Shrine location and solution for Tears of the Kingdom

teniten shrine entrance

It’s not a halberd, it’s a javelin

Teniten Shrine is another combat shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. In a similar vein to the combat shrines in Breath of the Wild, Teniten Shrine requires players to defeat the enemies inside within a specific ruleset.

In this case, you can only damage the construct in the shrine by throwing weapons at it. That doesn’t mean using a bow and arrow, either. It’s not as difficult as it may sound, and we’ll go through everything you need to know below. But first, let’s see where exactly in Hyrule Teniten Shrine is located.

teniten shrine on the map
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How to find Teniten Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Teniten Shrine is located in the Hyrule Field area of the map. That’s not too far from the base village of Lookout Landing. If you’re coming from Lookout Landing, you need to head directly south to reach the shrine between Whistling Hill and Lake Kolomo. Alternatively, the shrine is located almost directly east of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, which you can fast-travel to.

Check the screenshot above for the exact location on the map.

teniten shrine enemy and instructions
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How to complete Teniten Shrine

This combat shrine requires you to defeat the construct, pictured above, using only weapons which are thrown. When you enter the shrine, there will be a rack of halberds on the left side of the arena. Instead of wasting your own weapons, we recommend taking advantage of the provided ones. You can pick up as many halberds as you have room for, so feel free to add multiple to your inventory in case you miss your throw.

The first throw should be relatively simple. The construct will remain in place, so you can take your time to aim using the on-screen guide. To throw the halberd, hold “R,” aim your shot and then release the “R” button when you’re happy with where it will go. Remember to aim slightly above where you want the weapon to land, as gravity will cause it to drop in flight.

Once you’ve hit the construct the first time, it will begin moving across the platform, from end to end. This shot will be trickier to make, but it’s the last one you need to do to complete the shrine. Try to aim the halberd throw just ahead of where the construct is so that it moves into danger after you throw the weapon.

The easiest way to line up your throw is to watch where the construct stops at the end of the platform. Aim your throw there and wait for it to come back. Release your throw ever so slightly before the construct is actually within the crosshairs, and you should be successful.

teniten shrine spear reward
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After you’ve defeated the construct, make sure to collect the reward from the chest before exiting the shrine. Fittingly enough, the chest contains a useful Zonaite Spear. Perfect for practicing your throws in the rest of Hyrule.

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