Tenchu Z trailer; is that a shuriken in your pants or … oh, it is …

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Remember a few weeks ago when it was revealed that Keith Richards snorted some of his father’s ashes along with a ton of cocaine? Upon hearing that, I officially declared it to be the coolest thing in the history of humankind. Absolutely nothing could come close to pranging out on the remains of a loved one, and watching the above trailer does nothing to dissuade that notion.

According to the decade I grew up in, ninjas are supposed to be stealthy, deadly, and above all, totally radical. Tenchu Z, at least if this trailer is to be believed, tries to pass off some kind of realistic, documentarian look at ninjas as a video game!  From Software seems to be going for Ken Burns’ Ninjitsu, when they should be aiming for Jeff Spicoli’s How to Disembowel Some Dude With Your Bong.

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