Ten Minute Taste: Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2 opens with a scene on an inverted train car. There’s blood. A lot of blood. Nathan Drake’s blood, to be specific, as well as a few minutes of frantic climbing as the car begins spitting and lurching down the snowy mountaintop where it came crashing to a rest at some unspecified time.

The first ten minutes of Uncharted 2 are a blast — the story components flow and the action is high, as you’ll observe in the above. These introductory seconds do well in terms of showing people what this follow-up is all about.

We decided to show this one a little late because Uncharted 2 rocks and, well, not everyone has a PS3 just yet, despite last system’s recent ridiculous NPD numbers. Have fun, feel free to discuss and don’t forget to grab some popcorn.

Brad BradNicholson