Ten Minute Taste: Resonance of Fate

Never has hitting X repeatedly looked so cool. That’s most of what you do in the new Japanese demo of End of Eternity, or Resonance of Fate here in North America. Sega’s gun-happy RPG demo doesn’t show me any of the loveliness that I saw at Tokyo Game Show last year. It’s all battles here, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Jump, flip, shoot, lather, rinse, repeat. X, X, X.  Make sure to hit R2 and L2 to change weapons, so you can blow sh*t up with Reanbell’s grenades. Hit Square to set a course for an invincible attack. You’ll run, hit square again to jump, and hit X to your heart’s content, even in mid-air. The visual effect is really cool.

It doesn’t sound that deep, but strategy definitely comes into play when you start playing with crossing paths, using Resonance Attacks and the like. Also, you’ll need to actually take cover and not run out in the open, like you’ll see me doing in the video.

For those not impressed by this demo, I ask that you do not write this off yet. It’s just a bad demo. It gives you almost nothing to go on or look forward to.


Dale North