Ten Minute Taste: Numblast

Numblast is a game we’ve explored before when it was announced a few nights evenings ago. Developed by Japan Studios, it’s an odd puzzle game with a focus on numbers. The core goal is to twist and rotate like-numbered blocks into 2 x 2 squares, thereby creating a match. Once a match is complete, the now-glowing blocks leave the screen after counting upwards by one digit. The latter is an important bit of information — the key to clearing the entire screen and winning big is twisting the higher-numbered blocks to go along with the initial clearing.

As with most puzzle games, Numblast has that puzzle game ability to draw a person into its madness. I’m not sitting around with a Numblast IV-drip, mind you, but I’m eager to get back into the downloadable.

This Ten Minute Taste reveals a major story element (something to do with numbered blocks, students, and a monkey) and deals exclusively with eternal mode, which has you playing until you lose — no apparent objectives or boring challenges; just the mode for a puzzle game rookie like me.

Brad BradNicholson